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How Does The Program Work? 

There are four, 45-minute, sessions available and intended for high school aged students. The lessons are entirely online and ready for students to view via video in a classroom or any location with internet access.

In order to gain access to the lessons, you simply send an email to with your name, school / organization name, and request to view. Within 24-72 hours of receipt, you will receive a reply email with passwords to view the program online at The password(s) will work for an entire semester, e. g. fall, spring, summer.

Student manuals are currently available and free. We will do our best to have them delivered to your school / organization as long as it is within Palm Beach County. Arrangements can also be made for you to pick them up if easier or more timely based on your needs. This is all done once the initial request is sent.

If you wish to see an overview of the curriculum content, please click on the secondary link under "Schools / Organization" entitled "High School Curriculum."